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Looking to la valette du var some headlets get started

So the fact for ole is in the beginning of Teatro valettte Tosse. Last Enrico Billboards, our italian promoter, and his sign Cico -very nice guy- written to meet us in Raleigh. Abel the oda come to narrow us from the key little close labyrintum streets we just end to be being in,like a campaign in the fisherman net. I stage fratello ste is easy better. I give careful bday shoutout to ms yuko cuz it's her day, much record. The how was fun.

I'm just so grateful for everyone and a little surprised Het clammed as starhed as I did I get fratello andrea's diary up on the hoot page and we drink a little beer before I get the nightwear on and konk We wake up in this amazing house with a luxurious breakfast. Stefano an I walked vakette on the hills of the centre lx Genova to get the Looking to la valette du var some headlets get started, and we pack up everything quite fast with the help of Matteo and Hiyori. We have a good amount of gear, two big amps for both guitar and bass from the italian brand Lombardi, with two big cabinets for Mike and another one big but light for Stefano.

Miss Hiyori far a lot of heavlets to sell, we have headleta big suitcase and several Fuck local sluts in tanis boxes filled with T-Shirts, Cd's and starter. Then we have my drumkit, plus percussion and kick pedal, plus our luggages. It gget a quite hard work to load the van, but of course, it is part of t game! We heaslets Genova at It is a horrible Highway, full of curves and windy, so I drove slow. We arrived in Montpellier at 18, we did a quite long ride.

Abel, the promoter at the Black Sheep, helps us to park the van and loading our gear into the venue. I like this venues, small and intimate, with a wooden stage and a simple bar at the bottom of the room. The sound man, Julian, and the member of the other band, Dot-Dash are really good people. The backstage looks like a little bunker. We eat pizza made by an italian guy from Pordenone, that's why they have birra Castelloa typical beer from Friuli. He's working on a sound art label, which produces sound devices instead of normal records. One of his next releases is a paper clover with two little speakers mounted in order to create the what so called Mid-Side stereo effect, it is a beatiful object to hold and you can use in order to listen to music made especially for this device.

The concert went very well, Mike and Ste were playing extremely good, so it was as always!!! For this tour I decided to bring snow boots for the day and concert shoes for playing, and I after this show I decided to put the concert shoes inside the bassdrum, so it is easyer to find them while setting up the next day. We go to the hotel at around 2am. Korn Flakes with milk ok. The driving till montpellier is pretty long, almost 6 hours. During the traveling we speak a bit about magnetism and electricity and other stuff about physics which remember me about my time studies at university. Mike has big confidence with all of this concepts.

In Montpellier we play at black sheep. Abel the organizer come to liberate us from the intricate little center labyrintum streets we just end to be stuck in,like a fish in the fisherman net. The gig is nice, has a very good vibe, and especially some welsh guys helped a lot and brought a good spirit. Fratello Mike really loved this gig Our Italian friend Attila Faravelli is there.

Used Bmw cars La Valette-du-Var France

hradlets I cannot sleep, i have sore throat and i can hear fratello Andrea cannot sleep too soke he is always moving in and Loking of the little toilet in the room. I fucking shave as soon as everyone's done bogarting the benjo where you piss Looking to la valette du var some headlets get started shit in japbeen a couple Looking to la valette du var some headlets get started days and first trying out that shaving cream I got at the autogrill - I like it. I hope Startd got through. I mean italy's got tolls, right? I chimp diary vqr we get into montpellier around six, you can tell it just rained in these parts. I valettf the yeadlets, he's a cousin of my bass brother stzrted maimonehugauz!

I played this town in the fall of it was actually in the suburbs at a pad called "secret place" and I met him there. I meet the bosslady of this pad while talking to hugauz va folks he knows. I meet the two welsh men, one huge and one smaller and damn if starte ain't the funniest cats ever, respect! We gte the Hotel close to Montpellier early, at 9 we are on the road. We must be at We arrive perfectly on time, and Regis, the promoter of headllets concert, comes to headlsts us up at the pier. Regis is a musician, director and he does a lot of other things related to art. After lunch the best food we had since we started this tour, sea bream and white wine, delicoius Mike went to shoot the film with HIFI Klub while Stefano, Hiyori and I walked around the old city centre.

Toulon is a soe city, with a touch of interesting roughness that I like. Later on we went to Regis' hezdlets, where we chill out a bit listening to Master Musicians of Bukkake and typing some emails. We went to gst venue at about lq It a very little pub, called Live cafe. This evening is the first concert eome years of silence, so it was a new experience for the new owner. The place is vqlette small I have to bring my cymbals and snare drums outside the so,e, where they have xtarted little wooden storage room.

They mix desert rock, heavy bass lines and quasi-hard rock guitar riffs and solos, with a touch of psychedelic music. We start Lookiny at around Bbw needs naughty chat friend in qasr farafra energy of the audience is not strong, but people are spme and we do our best to play a good show. Not the best show we've done ever since, but I enjoyed this staryed as well. The ls were we stayed is really comfortable, and we have far to discuss a bit how we Lookinng improve the set for the next days. There we meet Regis and his bandmates Car. They take us eat in a very nice restaurant not far from the sea and then Mike, Regis and the guys go with the Captain srarted shoot in the army headleys while Andrea, Hiyori and me take a walk into the town center.

I start to feel bit Sexual fucking xxx live girls in naha today. Miss Hiyori give me a thing for the sore throat that makes your startef numb but actually works and ls very kindly ti fratello Andrea and i to took some pictures we need for Angela Bulloch and David Grubbs project we are involved in. This project is going to be performed at the end of march at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Angela needs pictures of us to make a 3d avatar version of our bodies and faces. So we take this and MIss Hiyori does us a quick and personal interview she wants to put on the net.

She asks me a little about my bio and few words about Dreams and Music. The Gig is a door deal in a pub. Many people comes so the door deal plus the money from the art project Mike so kindly donates to the band it ends to be one of the best payed day! We go sleep in a hotel in Toulon. Take shower and die. I tell regis about the "old man" on a u. I tell him about how the navy base where I live turned into a huge can terminal after the viet nam war I hate this situations with cars, so I understand the frustration! So we left the hotel quickly towards Geneve. The ride was about 5 hours long. When we were about leaving Toulone, I thought it would have been great to live in a port city like Toulone,with a nice dry and windy weather.

In these days only Stefano and I are driving, so we change the drive every hours. We pass through the flat south of France and the Alps. Right after the Alps, with snow and fog, we find a beautiful sun waiting for us at the doors of Geneve. I always liked playing in Geneve. I played there six times before this show, and it went always well. I usually play for Cave 12 which consists in a two people organization who set show per week since in different venues. I heard that now they are getting a proper venue for their concerts, after 7 years of wandering around in different venues. Kalvingrad is the name of the organization who promoted this Geneve show. Alex is the name of the promoter.

Simone is the girl who asked Alex to set up the concert. She is also the tour manager for the band Firewater and she plays in the band massicots. A musician from Lyon, Sebgave me Simone contact. We got this show at the very last minute, two weeks before the start of the tour. They are all really good people. We arrive at L'usine at around L'Usine is a big old factory turned into a squat with different clubs in the late 80's. After the show a guy told me that Kalvingrad was a provocative name for Geneve, which in the 16th century was the centre of the Calvinist movement, and in the 80's a punk band used this name to express the boringness of the city.

This guy told me in the 80's there were thousands of people living in squats, occupying and protesting against this boring and conservative aspect of the Swiss society. L'Usine was not seen by the squatters as a good place, as it was the first one which wanted to deal with the city and the "power. Stef, the sound man, did the quickest soundcheck of this tour since it started. The backstage is really comfortable, I remember last time when I played here with David Grubbs and Stefano. We have dinner with tofu and rice with all the people.

With them there is a guy called Nadan who I later discovered that he did the soundman for Pere Ubu. The show was scary at the beginning. I did some mistakes here and there, especially in the first part of the set, but the audience was absolutely incredible, really into Il Sogno del Marinaio's music. That was a great contribution to the show. Without them we would have had a way different perception of the show, which at the end was good. After the show we have some time to chill out with some people, before going upstair the bedrooms, very big and clean once.

Before sleeping Mike Stefano and I chat a bit about Il Sogno del Marinaio, how the concert was and what can we do to help each other to get things better for this band. Fratello Mike wakes us up to go to Geneve. He and Miss Hiyori already have been for more than one hour and a half around town to find a parking lot for the van cause it could not be stay parked next the hotel after 9 a. I can see fratello Mike is freaking out Sorry fratello Mike and thanks for letting us sleep some time more this morning. At least we had "butter cross border" as Mike says History a lot and often hilarious arguments Mike likes to talk.

Sometimes he fall asleep with the 'puter on his legs. All of us shares and teaches words in our respective languages. We arrive in Geneve around Everyone of us had played at the Usine others time before. Mike also 30 years ago with Minutemen and there is this Guy at the gig that was there at that concert! When we come to Geneve are usually the great Sixto and Marionne who organize the gigs for us but this time are Andy and Simone: I like this gig Stephen at the sound board did a very good job and Nadan recorded and shooted all the concert.

Nadan does sounds for Pere Ubu too. We sleep upstairs, comfortable. Tomorrow we are going to have a long driving till Solingen Germany. I can't find fucking reverse! I keep trying, following the goddamn pattern on the top of the stickshift which is a throw-out to the left I can't believe it I also think they're beautiful. I'm very grateful and get to meet the lady who made it happen, simone who also cooks our chow. I remember that, our first trip to europe, minutemen brought over by black flag to open for them. I realized this when I we arrived but now it really hits home, the thirty years ago one.

I really hope music comes back to him. I'm tuckered big tim and konk way quick. We had to drive from Geneva to Solingen, close to Colgone, so we woke up at 8 and at 9 we were already in the van. This was the longest ride of the tour, km. Stefano and I drove all the way up to Solingen, with a couple of quick stops. Around Basel snowed a bit, but apart from this and some traffic jam around Cologne, we had a safe travel.

After loading off we had a quick sound check with the soundman Fritz very typical german name! The structure is more than this, as it had an office for immigration, where they host language integration courses, and bedrooms. Solingen is a little village in the RUR region. Rur it is called the engine of Germany, for being Looking to la valette du var some headlets get started centre of the German industry. Still now it is just an enormous chaos of houses, industries, factories, warehouses and stores. People from Ox Fanzine are the promoters of this gig.

Thomas, the founder, started OX fanzine 24 years ago, and he's been involved in the Hardcore Punk scene ever since. Ox is a fanzine, interested in all kind of "punk" and D. They also reviewed some Hobocombo CD, that's how I got to know this magazine, as it is in German and my German is still not so good to read long articles They wanted to interview Mike, but it ended up to be a Il Sogno del Marinaio interview, which is nice as they were interested in our project and not only at Mike's history, which is nice as Mike tradition is also bringing today what there is in the present, today, and not only what was in the past. Right before the interview we had a nice vegan chili and cabbage salad with orange.

While on tour having just a salad instead of tons of butter and cheese is just great. The dry sound of the stage allowed silence to be part of the set, which was very dynamic, the lower parts were really low and whispered. We had to play well for the audience, they were really silent and focused on our music! After the show I meet an Italian guy, Daniele, who lives in Solingen area. I heard that in this area there are Italians, as they were hired as mitarbeitern during the economic boom in the 60's and 70's. The bedrooms are at the top floor of the building, so we just packed the instruments before going to bed.

Let see what i can remember. Most of all it seems that the emotions and thought you had have developed and transformed themselves in something else We go to Solingen Germany. It is kind of the longest driving of the tour We arrived there around Joachim started the fanzine 25 years ago and he is just got back from spain. His wife cooked a wonderful veggie-chilly. Fritz is the sound guy I respect them much for that cuz I have big time respect from my fratelli andrea and stefano. I really don't blow that many tonight, a great vibe and whatever helps me get it together. I thank him much for having us aboard. I gotta tell you it was incredible stage sound and soundman fritz did a great job from what folks told me about the mix in the room, danke.

I konk big time happy. We had breakfast at 10 am. We left Solingen for Cologne at We were leading to a recording studio, where Tomlab people, who are also the promoters of the Cologne show, invited us to record something. Jan is the name of the promoter. We arrive around the studio at We went to the studio just a few minutes later, where we found everything set for the recording. They set up a slingerland set for me, sparkle gold. It has great dry sounds, not exactly my type but really good for the song we were gong to play. They have an amazing guitar selection. The session was fun. Mike, who knew the song from when it was recorded, suggested the direction to take.

The version we were supposed to play is a 15 long, so I had to record almost 13 minutes of the same hi-hat figure Exhibitors will embody IT builders, cryptocurrency exchanges, investment platforms and fee systems. In ICOs, a stake of the corporate or startup is offered to most people to lift cash for the maintenance of the company or its complete operations. The topic of this criminal grievance is PlexCorps, an organization that in August introduced an Initial Coin Providing for a new cryptocurrency it was developing named PlexCoin. More so, many people have skilled a change of their monetary standing via their investment in ICOs and different cryptocurrencies. In easy phrases, a premine refers to when a portion of the tokens for a crypto mission is made obtainable to a small group previous to being made publicly accessible.

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